Global Trade Financial Services

Who Are We?

Global Trade Financial Services (GTFS) is involved in providing financial services for international trade, sourcing of financing for long- and short-term capital projects, and identifying sources of financing for Imports and Exports in developing countries.  

If you are looking for:

  • Import Financing
  • Exporting of goods to the United States
  • Importing of goods from the United States
  • Equipment to expand your business
  • United States Partners
  • Representation in the United States
  • Funds to expand your business
  • Management consulting
  • Franchising contract as a distributor of United States goods in your country

Or a variety of worthwhile purpose that will allow your business to grow, please speak to us. We specialize in providing financial services that support imports, exports, and formulating comprehensive business growth and financing plans.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bridge the trade and financing gap between developed and developing countries, with particular emphasis on countries in Africa and the Caribbean. We provide financial services that enhance the direct flow of capital and goods to countries in Africa and the Caribbean by identifying sources of financing to help companies meet their cash flow and project financing needs, no matter the size of the project.

Our Affiliation

Our affiliation with Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im bank), several nationwide lending institutions in the U.S., and our team of international financial associates, enable us to provide you with competitive financing terms. We are well positioned to meet your project financing needs.

Because the lenders are our partners, they tell us precisely the main areas they look at when reviewing your financing needs, and the kind of lending package they are interested in.  Call us and get access to the world finest banks, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Finding the right lender to satisfy your needs has always been a difficult and time-consuming problem. Not with us! Because lending requirements change everyday, we have the most current "data base" of information that is of interest to lenders.

Our Alternative

The problem of having too little capital for efficient operation has been attributed to hindering many companies from unleashing their potential to expand. This is especially true in developing countries where many are undercapitalized because they issue too few securities, or are unable to issue securities to raise the capital needed for expansion. Our company is born out of the desire to provide alternatives to the restraints companies face in expanding their business. 

About Us